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About Our Founder

Anthony Pasquale

Our founder Tony Pasquale has been fascinated with cars and every aspect of how they work. As a young boy he spent many a day learning from his father, Tony Sr. Tony's dad was a World War II veteran and a engineer who worked for the United States Department of Defense. Tony Senior always repaired and maintained his own vehicles as well as those of friends and neighbors. There was nothing he could not do from a simple tune-up to pulling an engine, rebuilding the entire engine, and re-installing it just as if it had come out of the factory. All the while young Tony was by his side watching, helping, and most importantly learning. Back in 1967 and subsequent years there were limited diagnostic tools. This is where young Tony began his complete love, passion and understanding of how a automobile worked and the importance of listening to the hum of the engine after repairs had been made. Eventually as the years passed Tony's knowledge grew and knew that every component was necessary for a job well done.

In 1976 young Tony was anxious to purchase his first automobile. At the time Tony senior. said "no way" but instead made a deal with him. The deal was if he could get his old 1967 Cutlass to run then he deserved to own his first car. Young Tony knew what was wrong with the Cutlass and realized that the repair would come slowly as the Oldsmobile 330 rocket engine was seized. Young Tony pulled the engine, and as money became available a little at a time he began to rebuild the 330 rocket making a few modifications along the way. After almost half a year later the rebuild was completed, reinstalled, and the Oldsmobile 330 4 barrel rocket was laying down rubber everywhere I took it. What initially seemed like not such a good deal at the time turned out to be a deal of a lifetime.

Those were the days!!
Thanks Dad.